Get Ready to Get Healthy…

With Our 21 Day Cleanse and Purification Program!

More Than Just a Cleanse Diet…

The 21 Day Purification Program
is much more than just a cleanse diet.

It’s a Structured Program that Combines:

Eating Whole Foods
Select Supplements
Nutritious Supplement Shakes
& Light Exercise

The Menu Plan Includes:

An abundance of Fresh Vegetables and Fruits for the First 10 Days
with Select Proteins Added on Day 11.

Feel Your Best You.

Help Your Body Cleanse!

The 21 Day Cleanse and Purification
supports your body’s ability
to remove naturally occurring toxins.

Achieve Vibrant Health & Wellness…
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21 Day Cleanse Client Testimonials

“I’m so grateful for all the benefits I have received from the cleanse, and I continue to feel, look, think so much better.  THANK YOU! I’ve lost 17lbs so far on the cleanse.  I look, feel and think like a new man!  It continues to amaze me that I could make so much improvement in my body in just three weeks.  Food really is medicine.”
Eric C.

”I came to Heidi because I had reached a plateau with my weight loss and I needed to find out what was preventing me from losing weight.  I went on the 21 day cleanse and I just finished my 2nd one for the year and it has totally changed my life. Finding out I was gluten sensitive changed everything too.  I starting losing weight again and I have a lot more energy and feel great. I highly recommend seeing Heidi.”
Madelyn H.

“Doing a cleanse under Heidi’s direction was one of the best things I could do for my body…it was like pressing a reset button to start as clean and refreshed as possible!”
Miriam H. 

21 Day Cleanse Program


Feel Your Best You!

Better Digestion

Clearer Skin

Shinier Hair

Better Sleep

Clearer Thinking

Improved Weight Management

Increased Energy and Vitality