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In Private Practice for over 4 years, Heidi is dedicated to helping people achieve maximum results with their health goals through the use of functional nutrition. She has had the pleasure of helping many men and women achieve balanced health and eliminate long-standing health challenges! Over the 19 years that she has been in the Nutrition Field, Heidi has explored the many aspects of nutrition by getting experience in a variety of settings, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, outpatient counseling, and public health programs. Heidi Hoffman, MPH, RD, received a traditional education in Nutritional Science from California State University, Los Angeles and a Masters in Public Health from UCLA.
12November, 2018

It’s Immune Boosting Soup Time

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Dr. Maeda's position is that most of the beneficial natural ingredients found in his immune boosting soup are often lost in other forms of food preparation. This soup is very easy to make and can be stored in the refrigerator. The ingredients and preparation are listed below so you can try this recipe out yourself.

6November, 2018

Allergies Can Contribute to Chronic Illness

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Many people are allergic to hundreds of substances and don’t even know it. They have symptoms or reactions that go on for years before realizing that they have health concerns. Individuals can develop allergies, or they can inherit them. Learn how you can overcome allergies that can lead to chronic illness.

8October, 2018

Foods That Help You Sleep Better and Fight Insomnia Naturally

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The National Sleep Foundation says 60% of Americans have problems with their sleep. Failure to get enough sleep puts stress on the body.

Our bodies perform repair and maintenance while we are sleeping. If our bodies are deprived of this critical time of repair and maintenance night after night, chronic health issue can arise. A sleepless

5August, 2018

Good Fats vs Bad Fats: What’s on Your Plate?

By |August 5th, 2018|Blog|0 Comments

Fat is an integral part of our body and our diets. It’s involved in a variety of metabolic functions, some fats are even precursors to hormones. The last 20 years have brought conflicting information about fat, from the low-fat craze of the 90’s to the high fat lifestyle of the Ketogenic diet. Questions naturally arise with regards to good fats vs. bad fats and what to believe. The answer is really very simple; focus on whole and natural fats rather than man-made fats.

24July, 2018

Purification Cleanse 101- What You Need to Know

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Detox, fast, cleanse, master cleanse, fat flush, purification cleanse…I’ll bet if you try to follow a fairly clean and healthy lifestyle, that you have run into each of these terms a few times. Some people love trying different approaches to improving their well being, and may have tried all these approaches, yet others see the

30April, 2018

Chickpea Puffs by “Hippeas”

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Crunchy-cheesy loving people have something to get kind of excited about.  These organic chickpea puffs have a great crunch, a nice cheesy taste, an organic certification, and don’t appear to contain any of the hard-core nasties that are better to avoid in a snack. The flavor I tried was the Vegan White Cheddar, and it

4January, 2018

Activated Popcorn- What On Earth is That?

By |January 4th, 2018|Snack Chats|1 Comment

Could this be a paradigm shift in popcorn? That is the claim made by Living Intentions about their Activated Popcorn. And, it looks like they do a pretty good job living up to it. If you are a popcorn lover, this could be a wonderful way to get more nutrition bang per snacking calorie. Not

9October, 2017

Mama Chia Squeeze is Great for Kids and Kids at Heart

By |October 9th, 2017|Snack Chats|0 Comments

I have been having a lot more kids coming in lately for nutrition coaching. More parents are starting to understand that the sooner they teach their children how to understand what their food is really for, and how to discern the difference between what will hurt them and what will make them strong and happy,

13July, 2017

Freeze Dried Beet Chips- Just One Ingredient!

By |July 13th, 2017|Snack Chats|0 Comments

Crunchy, sweet, salty, repeat! Does that sound familiar? If so, these dried beet chips could be a great snacking solution for you. Beets are naturally sweet, but being a root vegetable they aren’t fruit at all. Beetroot provides lots of nutrition like vitamin A, calcium, vitamin C, iron, and it’s a rich source of folate and

12June, 2017

Nothing But Fruit & Nuts

By |June 12th, 2017|Snack Chats|0 Comments

Simple, whole food ingredient decks are definitely what we look for in a great snack. And this new snack from Trader Joe’s basically lives up to it’s name. It really is nothing but fruit & nuts, and maybe a little cacao, depending on which flavor you choose. They are just 60-80 calories, about two bites each,

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