20July, 2014

Spice Up Your Life for Good Health

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Spice Up Your Life for Good Health!
Throughout time, humans have used plants or herbs for everything imaginable. We have used herbs as food, weapons, baskets, clothes, shelter and very importantly medicine. Hippocrates, the father of medicine said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” He was encouraging us to eat a wide variety of plants and especially herbs.   One step towards great health is to use a wide variety of herbs and seasoning in your everyday life.

5July, 2014

Is Your Sunscreen Ready for Summer Sun?

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Is Your Sunscreen Ready for Summer Sun?
If possible, I believe that we should all expose our skin to the sun daily so that our bodies can make vitamin D. Sunshine also improves our mood. I also believe in the saying everything in moderation and there can be too much of a good thing. This is especially true when we are talking about prolonged sun exposure. The deadliest form of skin cancer, melanoma, is still on the rise. So before you go to beach, take that mountain hike, or go for that long bike ride make sure you’re covered with a safe sunscreen, wearing sun protective clothing, and when possible, just stay in the shade.

26June, 2014

Aging Doesn’t Mean Pain

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Aging Doesn’t Mean Pain
Are you dealing with nagging pains and discomfort? Perhaps a little indigestion, gas and bloating? Are you nearing 40 or 50 and not feeling as energized, put on a little weight, get ill more often or have become a little absent-minded? How about being on prescription medicines? Think it’s normal for so many to be medicated for hypertension or high cholesterol? It’s all part of life and aging, right? NO – it’s all part of a poor diet! Aging is an accumulation of bad diet choices, low physical activity, and toxins in our food and environment. We could most likely handle most of these toxins if we would just quit eating sugar and processed foods. Diabetes, obesity, heart disease and joint inflammation are all part of metabolic dysregulation and it all begins with diet.

15June, 2014

6 Secrets to Healthy Digestion

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6 Secrets to Healthy Digestion
What is digestion? Simply put it is the breakdown of food so that it can be absorbed and used by our bodies for energy and repair as needed. Why is healthy digestion important? In order to achieve and maintain vitality throughout our lives we must have the proper fuel for our body and our body must be able to build and repairs cells. For many people digestion is not so simple. In fact for many, it is dreaded. One of the underlying causes of all digestive disorders is lack of fiber which is second to insufficient water intake. Indications that your digestive system is not working properly are constipation, diarrhea, gas pains, and bloating. So for over-all good health, it is important that we know the 6 Secrets to Healthy Digestion.

27April, 2014

Can Skin Aging Be Reversed?

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Can Skin Aging Be Reversed?
As the years go by, our skin changes. We begin to develop crow’s feet around the eyes, wrinkles and then our skin sags. I don’t know about you but I feel young. And if there is a way to keep looking younger than my years, I’m interested!
If we want to help our skin look younger naturally, we need to know what is happening to our skin as we age, independent of any skin damage such as over exposure to the sun or smoking. There are a couple of changes taking place once we reach 35 to 40. The very outer protective layer of our skin thickens and gets drier. My friends who always had oily skin are happy when their skin starts drying up. If you are like me and originally had normal to dry skin, it stinks!   Even my friends with oily skin eventually are not happy. At the same time, your second layer of skin thins and loses its elasticity.
New research suggests there is a way to really slow and even reverse some of this skin aging, yeah!

20April, 2014

Even the Gluten Was Gluten Free

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Even the Gluten Was Gluten Free
A few weeks ago, I attended the largest natural health products show in the country for people who are in the field of natural health.  Each year there seems to be a theme at the show that many are touting.  This year it was “gluten free”.  I saw so many old and new products boosting their gluten free credentials.  Even products that never had gluten in them in the first place were touting on their labels, gluten free.   So what does it mean to be gluten free and more importantly, what is gluten?  Only in the last couple years have people been talking about gluten free. 

13April, 2014

Chase the Blues Away with Greens

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Chase the Blues Away with Greens
Frequent consumption of vegetables appears to cut one’s odds of depression significantly.  A recent review in a nutritional journal suggests that eating lots of fruits and vegetables “may present a noninvasive natural and inexpensive therapeutic means to support a healthy brain.”

6April, 2014

3 More Ways to a Toxic Free Life

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3 More Ways to a Toxic Free Life
In last week’s article I talked about some simple ways to reduce the toxins we are exposed too.  The main problem with toxins is we can’t see, smell or feel them, at least not right away. We don’t realize that we’re being affected by toxic substances until we have a problem.   Sometimes it takes years of subtle exposure to a combination of these toxins for a problem to arise.  At that point it is hard to figure out if it was exposure to one toxin that caused the problem or was it a cumulative effect of many toxins.  It is not hard to notice that we have an increasing number of cancers, immune system disorders, neurological problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivities, and allergies than ever before.

30March, 2014

7 Simple Ways to Reduce Toxins in Your Life

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7 Simple Ways to Reduce Toxins in Your Life
It’s a fact, we are exposed to toxins every day, from our food, from the air and even from water!  It’s a good thing that our bodies have a built in detoxification system that works hard to eliminate these toxins, through the use of our liver, skin, gut, kidneys and lungs.
Our liver is our main filtration system.  The liver detoxifies the body in 2 phases. Phase I break toxins apart so they can be metabolized but in some cases toxins can’t be removed because they can’t be broken down.  If they can be broken down they are processed and removed by the kidneys. Phase I can make toxins more toxic so it’s key to have both phase I and phase 2.  The phase 2 process repackages the parts of the toxins so they are neutralized and can be taken out of the body through the urine.  If phase 2 is sluggish, we run the risk of building up toxins in the liver. 

16March, 2014

Clean Your Brain Daily

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Clean Your Brain Daily!
I hear many complaints from my clients that they have brain fog or that they feel lethargic or slow witted.  If this is you, a good night’s sleep can literally clean your brain according to recent research published in the journal, Science.  Every night as we sleep our bodies do a mini tune-up.  Just like vehicles need tune-ups, so do our bodies. 

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