Nutrition Coaching with Harvey Slater

Nutrition coaching provides individuals with personalized one-on-one guidance to help you reach your health and weight goals.  The focus is on customizing a nutrition plan that is specifically tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle, and can utilize different tools and methods that work best you. Our Holistic Nutrition Coach Harvey Slater will work with you to establish attainable goals and a long-term approach to a healthy-eating lifestyle.

Harvey offers a variety of nutrition services, including Personal Coaching, Meal Planning, Guided Weight Management, Healthy Grocery Shopping Trips, Healthy Cooking Lessons, and more.

Personal Nutrition Coaching
This program is designed to provide personalized guidance for longer term objectives such as overcoming health conditions and dietary challenges, weight management, athletic goals, and long-term healthy eating habits.

Weight Management
Supports healthy weight loss and optimum overall health through the implementation of sustainable lifestyle habits. Learn more about our Weight Loss Management Program.

Healthy Grocery Shopping Trips
Harvey will take a trip to your favorite supermarket to help you learn healthier ways to do your grocery shopping. Together you’ll explore the store aisles from a healthier perspective, discover ideas for nutritious snacks and meals, and read food labels with greater understanding.

Personal Pantry Makeover
A personal tour of your kitchen at home will reveal what items in your own pantry might be hurting you or holding you back from achieving optimum well-being. Learn practical tips and find easy ways to stock your pantry with nutritious foods that will support your health goals.

Healthy Cooking Lessons
We will focus on recipes that promote a specific nutrition topic, such as “easy gluten-free meals” or a topic of your choice. This cooking lesson will take place in the convenience of your own kitchen. Individual or small group lessons are available.

Nutrition Coaching Special Pricing

Personal Meal Planning Appointment, 90 minutes: $150
Healthy Maintenance and Follow-Up Appointments, 30 minutes: $75


Harvey Slater is a wonderfully compassionate individual, who really cares about his clients. He has helped me tremendously in finding a healthy eating path that does not rely on standard American fare that cause obesity, disease, and perhaps early death. My family and I are grateful for his knowledge and his caring. Through his recommendations, I have lost weight, eliminated cravings, elevated my mood as well as my energy. Thank you Harvey!”  –Nina P.

“I felt free to share my concerns and was supported at the level I felt comfortable. I was given helpful information and now I have to do the work, but the Vibrant Living team has given me my health back. Thank you!!”  -Kimberly B.

As a healthcare provider I sent several patients to Harvey Slater. They all had very unique nutritional needs and all of them were very happy with his services. I will continue sending patients knowing he provides excellent nutritional care.”  -Dr. Ted M., DC

Nutrition Coaching

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Nutrition Coaching with Harvey Slater

Nutrition Coaching Will Effectively Improve Your Overall Health!