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When I came to see Dr. Tina I was suffering from ulcerative proctitus, brain fog, fatigue, anxiety and I was sensitive to cold. Today I am off my medication for the proctitus and I am no longer experiencing any symptoms. My brain fog is almost gone and I have much more energy. I still have some anxiety but it is manageable. I also fell much more even tempered.

S. R.    October 17, 2014    Temple City   

Before I came to Vibrant Living Wellness Center, I was constantly tired, had to drink a lot of coffee, and my ulcerative colitis was horrible. I felt horrible every day. I just did not think I could go on feeling this way. Now my energy is great. I have such a great feeling of well-being. My ulcerative colitis symptoms have much improved. Dr. Tina has been an answer to my prayers.

Steve K.    July 15, 2014    Arcadia   

Before I came to see Dr. Tina, I had persistently itchy skin and eczema. I had a feeling of imbalance that robbed me of pleasant healthy dialog in relationships with people. Now in one month, my itchy skin is gone! I taught myself to ignore my persistently itchy back for five years! And now my skin no longer itches. Also, I am comfortable and relaxed around people in a what that is effortless. I am not "working on it" or working on anything- it is simply happening!

C. H.    June 12, 2014    Monrovia   

I have to give another shout out to Dr. Tina Paul at Vibrant Living Wellness Center. Last Thursday, I came down with a terrible fever. By Monday, I saw Tina and through her nutritional response testing she was able to see things my MD did not. She gave me a treatment to get me back on my feet and ready for my vacation. I feel so GREAT! I can' thank her enough. I didn't have to take any medications. I was able to get there naturally with help. It was a great experience. And I learned so much about my body.

She not only treats my body as a whole but she also explains why my body is sick and how she is getting it back to normal.

I love this personal touch. I get an individualized experience when I see her. My health is mine to take care of. She helps me on how to do it!

Anna I.    May 15, 2014   

I was exhausted everyday, falling asleep by 3 pm at my desk. My sleep was poor, waking up many times a night and difficulty falling asleep in the first place. With consistent use of the supplements my energy is remarkably improved and it remains consistent throughout the day. I fall asleep within 30 minutes of going to bed and sleep so much more sound.

M.D.    March 10, 2014    Pasadena   

Before I started seeing Dr. Tina, I felt very uncomfortable, bloated every time I ate. I slept sitting up in a chair. I was always extremely fatigued. I had trouble breathing and congestion on one side of my face that never went away. I followed Dr. Tina’s recommendations and I am happy to say I can now sleep laying down in bed on just one pillow because my breathing improved. I now have no indigestion, bloating or discomfort after eating. I breathe better and I have less allergy symptoms. I hardly have any daytime fatigue. Since seeing Dr. Tina I have lost over 40 pounds.

Julio C    February 13, 2014    West Covina   

I started seeing Dr Tina in August 2013 and she has been one of the best investments I have made towards living a happier and healthier life. Wow! Such great improvements to so many issues I had been suffering from for so long. I have had menstrual problems or over 20 years which includes moodiness, headaches, anxiety and sever pain, each year getting worse and worse. I had tried everything from changing doctors, medications, changing diets, went to acupuncturist and even had laparoscopic surgery to see if I had endometriosis, which I did not have and was told it was all in my mind. Dr Tina found the nutrients that I was lacking and by the fourth month I am virtually pain free. I am so amazed with the way I feel now. All of my friends and family who have seen me suffer are amazed.
By following Dr Tina’s advice on diet and nutrition, I have also lost weight that I was not able to loose, no more bloating, no more pain, so many improvements to my overall well being. Thank You so much Dr Tina, truly a blessing.

Nicole C.    January 21, 2014   

Lately, many people have asked about my visible change in appearance. One of my New Year's resolution was to get back to myself this year. I wanted to get back to being healthy overall. After two pregnancies and c-sections, I've had to work really hard at it. I hit a wall and sought the help of a professional. Dr. Tina Paul is AMAZING! I was able to lose and continue to lose the weight I really wanted to and I feel so much better. I have more energy and can think a lot clearer by just adjusting a few things. I strongly recommend her! Your experience is completely customized so what works for me won't necessarily work for you. It's been a positive experience and with so much great feedback it has motivated me to keep going.

A. I.    December 16, 2013   

In late August of 2013 I started seeing Dr. Tina for severe insomnia, anxiety and a whole host of other issues. I was desperate and in bad shape emotionally and physically at that point. Not only was I dealing with those issues mentioned but was recuperating from a relapse I had in April 2013 from a condition called ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura) which was diagnosed in October of 2012. ITP is a autoimmune disorder where the body perceives its own platelets as foreign invaders and begins to destroy them. I was prescribed high doses of steroids (Prednisone) again due to the relapse and was dealing with side effects which caused me to always feel pumped up all the time and could not relax or sleep at night. This was the beginning of my bout with insomnia.

The relapse and the effects of the steroids caused me such distress that I became depressed and started to have severe anxiety and panic attacks and the insomnia became worse. I was prescribed a medication by my regular physician, not the specialist treating my ITP, a medication to help with the anxiety and stress. From there things got worse. Not only did the medication prescribed not help but caused me to have dark thoughts and a whole host of other issues. I was taken off those meds but had to be weaned off which caused some withdrawal symptoms. Not fun.

Other medications were prescribed by another Doctor, a Psychiatrist this time, for the same issues, as well as to help me sleep, and they only caused more problems. I became jittery, was tired all the time, had worse heart palpitations and became withdrawn and still could not sleep because of the severe heart palpitations at night. I was taken of those meds and prescribed others. More withdrawals.

I finally said enough is enough! No more being a Guinea Pig. Time to get serious and take back control of my life and do what I felt was good for me and not just listen to my physicians who were pumping me full of drugs that were not helping me, but making matters worse. I have always been a firm believer that the body is designed to heal itself given the right nutrients and foods and I was a somewhat healthy eater but needed to take it to another level and make it a lifestyle. I changed my diet to a predominately raw whole foods organic diet, eliminated white flour, sugar and other foods that I learned affect your immune system. I needed to strengthen my body to give it every chance to fight having another possible relapse with the low blood platelets (ITP) and get myself healthy enough to fight the depression, anxiety and insomnia that had now taken over my life.

I searched desperately online for a Nutritionist who could help me in my quest to take my health to the next level of wholeness and I found Dr.
Tina. Not only was she local but the name "Vibrant Living Wellness Center" gave me hope. That's what I wanted again, a vibrant life worth living again! I wanted my health back and my quality of life.

Since seeing Dr. Tina I no longer take my blood pressure medications I had been on for over 6 years and have been able to get off other meds successfully like the Prednisone because my blood platelets have been normal. I am only on one medication left after being on 5 different medications for the ITP, anxiety, panic attacks, depressions and insomnia and will soon be off that last one as well. I can sleep again, no more panic attacks, and am better able to handle stress. My anxiety levels are manageable again and the depression is gone.

I am so thankful for Dr. Tina for working with me and all my symptoms to assist me in getting to a place of health and vibrancy again. I truly could not have done this without her help and the whole food supplements she recommended to get me to where I am now. Thank You!!!!! I have a life again.

V.B    November 6, 2013    Monrovia, CA   

Thank you to Dr. Tina! Normally at this time of year my allergies would have taken hold and I would be suffering from endless secondary bacterial infections. Coughing all night, post nasal drip, sinus headaches, inner ear infections, you name it. Then I would be set up for more of the same once cold and flu season set in, not seeing any relief until at least March! The program I am doing with Tina to nourish my body gave me allergy support that has kept me healthy through this time. The program for thyroid and adrenal support has kept me feeling strong and positive, I am also sleeping well every night!

Robin F    October 29, 2013    South Pasadena   

I started seeing Tina back in March 2013 and I've been very pleased with my results. All my digestive issues have gone away, I sleep better and I have more energy. The one area where I thought I would never see improvement was a condition that I was diagnosed with back in October 2011. I was diagnosed with Dry Eye Syndrome. Unfortunately, eye drops didn't work so I went to see the Doctor every 3 months to get tiny plugs inserted and I applied an ointment every night. This provided relief and it allowed me to go about my busy day. Today I'm happy to report that I haven't had to go to the Eye Doctor since May - my eye condition has improved and I seldom use the eye ointment. I continue to see Tina and I'm looking forward to seeing more positive changes.

P. A.    October 5, 2013   

From the first day I began to take the whole food supplements, I noticed improvements. I felt far more alert and energized. Everyday when I wake up I feel well rested and full of energy for my day. Before seeing Dr. Tina, no matter how many hours I had of sleep, I was always tired and did not want to get out of bed.

Y. A.    October 3, 2013   

Due to breast cancer I could not continue with hormone replacement therapy. Oncologist prescribed an anti-depressant to help with hot flashes. While taking it I was still having flashes during the day and night sweats interrupted my sleep. I wanted to find a natural way to regulate the flashes. Dr. Tina's supplement suggestion has eliminated the night sweats and the flashes during the day have been less intense and less frequent. I have stopped taking the anti-depressant completely. I am so happy with Dr. Tina

J. S.    September 10, 2013   

I came to Tina because I was feeling sluggish throughout my workday. I enjoy my job but this persistent fatigue was understandably affecting my mood and motivation. Since working with Tina's program and making manageable changes in my diet and habits, I experience a more stabilized and higher level of energy throughout the workday and my mood has improved. I feel much more aware of my body and what serves it best.

B. R.    August 16, 2013   

"I can breathe! I came to Dr. Tina for a variety of reasons all related to peri-menopause. It hadn’t occurred to me to mention the fact that I wasn’t able to breathe through both nostrils — it had been that way ever since I could remember and had become “normal” for me. I happened to mention the problem during my second session and after testing me, Dr. Tina recommended some supplements. Within 20 minutes of taking the supplements I was able to breathe through both nostrils for the first time in years! This has effected everything, my sleep, my workouts, going about my daily life. My other issues, anxiety, post-nasal drip, and weight gain are steadily improving as well. To say that I’m happy with my treatments is an understatement. Dr. Tina creates a warm, comfortable environment, and her skill as a practitioner is evident in my steady improvement. Thank you Dr. Tina!"

Angela E.    August 9, 2013    Pasadena, CA   

"Due to breast cancer I could not continue with hormone replacement therapy. My Oncologist prescribed an anti-depressant to help with hot flashes. While taking it I was still having flashes during the day and night sweats interrupted my sleep. I wanted to find a natural way to regulate the flashes. Dr. Tina’s supplement suggestion has eliminated the night sweats and the flashes during the day have been less intense and less frequent. I have stopped taking the anti-depressant completely!"

J. S.    August 9, 2013   

"I came to the Vibrant Living Wellness Center to get help with my low energy, lack of sleep, weight and blue mood; basically an overall wellness check. After sessions with Dr. Tina, I have gained so much knowledge and have more energy, sleeping so much better and losing the weight and my mood is not so blue. My husband has also been under the care of Dr. Tina and he has seen dramatic positive results. His eating habits have changed his life, he no longer suffers from inflammation (aches and pains) and he is making great progress in his weight loss. I am truly thankful to have for Dr. Tina"

Karen B.    July 22, 2013   

"I’m a busy working mom and wife. I’ve had several stressful work life events in the last 5 years which have impacted my health. Early this year I started having digestive disorders again and I went to my Doctor who prescribed a medication for me. I hesitated taking it since I had the same symptoms three years ago and it didn’t work. One evening, checking my mail I saw the flyer from Vibrant Living Wellness Center, I went to the site and wrote an email to Dr. Tina. She sent me an email back and we spoke the next day and I made an appointment. Dr. Tina’s caring nature and positive attitude was evident by phone and confirmed on my first appointment. I explained all my health concerns in addition to my digestive problems. She listened carefully and explained the process of how I could improve my health. I trusted her knowledge and guidance and I’m on my way to feeling so much better already. In just a few weeks and my digestive issues are gone, I’m sleeping better and I feel less stressed. I’m really grateful to Dr. Tina for her sound advice and would recommend her expertise to anyone who wants to improve their health naturally and feel better about their overall well being."

P. A.    July 12, 2013   

"I am a healthy, middle aged woman who suddenly developed a host of problems. My symptoms included great fatigue, dry itchy skin, my hair was falling out and my fingernails were breaking. I was not sleeping well, and I became exhausted. I sought help with Chinese medicine, which usually helps, but it did not help me this time. My Western medicine physician found no issues with my blood work. I have been working with Tina Paul for a few months. I am sleeping, my energy level is higher. All of the other symptoms have resolved. I will continue to work with Tina on any new or old issues, and I recommend her to anyone seeking good health."

Barb M.    May 10, 2013    Sierra Madre, CA   

"I’ve lost weight and I have no digestion problems. I have more energy, no colds, my immune system is better, and my blood pressure is down"

Mena M.    April 22, 2013   

"Improvements I have noticed: skin, hair, complexion, anxiety level, self-assurance, improved digestive system, increased energy, overall health, better eating habits, and better health awareness."

Nicole M.    April 3, 2013   

"I have lost weight, and reached my goal! I have much more energy, less headaches, etc. Another big point is antibiotic use. I have not needed an antibiotic for months, and that is wonderful. My children are a big element in my life, We have our lives back. No more hospital admissions, sleepless nights, etc. My eldest child even asks for his supplements."

Susie Adams    March 29, 2013   

"In 2 years, and have noticed an improvement in my joint pain, intestinal disorder, cholesterol, weight loss, and blood pressure. Before, I was using a lot of anti-inflammatory drugs, but since I have been using her protocol I have not needed to use any of those drugs. I have more energy than I have had in years."

Evelyn A.    March 17, 2013   

"My all around health is better in a short amount of time."

Nancy L.    February 27, 2013   

"I have much more energy, weight loss, more confidence, and feel better overall. I am anxious for the bimonthly appointments and I do not mind knowing what else can be found wrong with me"

Melanie D.    February 9, 2013   

"Within one year, I have noticed many changes in my body, scars have peeled, lumps have disappeared, my hernia has disappeared, along with the hernia in my belly button, my hair grows like crazy, my nails are stronger, mental attitude has improved, and I even went from a 44C bra to a 38C on the second hook."

C. G.    February 3, 2013   

"I have been able to watch my diet more carefully, eat better and healthier, and have become aware of “bad foods”. I have lost 12 pounds since I started, and my indigestion concerns are much improved."

Susan G.    January 19, 2013   

"Since starting Nutritional Response Testing, I have been able to drink more water, eat less junk food, pay closer attention to food labels, eat more vegetables, and use more seasonings."

Bonnie D    January 12, 2013