The Vibrant Living Wellness center Podcast with Heidi Hoffman

Our weekly podcast features topics ranging from weight loss to adrenal fatigue. We’ve created this series to help you get answers to your health questions and to show you how the Vibrant Living Wellness Center helps people to live a long, vibrant and illness-free life!

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01 Vibrant Living Wellness Center:

Are you curious about what Vibrant Living Wellness Center has to offer? Learn about how we started the Vibrant Living Wellness Podcast and the healing modalities offered to bring about wellness.

02 Weight Loss Programs from a Whole Body Perspective

Research shows that weight loss is not merely a matter of calories! Learn about why some popular weight loss programs are not successful and how we address weight loss from a Whole Body perspective.

03 Nutrition Response Testing

We get results with Nutrition Response Testing! Learn about one of our main tools used for finding barriers to healing in Vibrant Living Wellness Center clients and how we use it to create wellness.

04 The 21-Day Purification Program

Are you looking for a way to cleanse and nourish your body? Learn about our cornerstone detoxification program and how it could help you!

05 Hormone Imbalances

Do you suspect your hormones are out of whack? Learn about the symptoms of hormone imbalance and what it means to your health.

06 Sane Eating Through the Holidays

Many of us start out on the right track, but soon feel out of control with our eating by the end of the year. Learn how to avoid putting on those extra pounds over the Holidays.

07 Fighting Fatigue

Have you been wrestling with fatigue and sleep issues? Learn how to recognize and correct fatigue before it gets too bad.

08 Reiki Energy Healing

Awareness is growing around the energetics of our bodies, recognizing that healing occurs on more than the physical level. Listen in to learn about the healing benefits of Reiki.

09 The Standard American Diet

Have you been confused as to what to eat these days? Listen in to learn about the Standard American Diet (SAD) and how it affects your health.

10  Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET)

Are you interested in the Mind-Body connection as it relates to health? Find out how you can clear away unhealthy habits that lead to poor health with this research tested approach!

10  The Winter Purification Program VLWC

More Than Just a Cleanse Diet! It’s a Structured Program. Listen to the podcast to learn more…