Weight Loss Management and Planning with Harvey Slater

Why go on another “yoyo-like diet” when you can kick dieting down the road for good?

The Dieting Problem
For many who have tried… permanent weight loss seems like it is just not achievable. This is primarily because most approaches to weight loss fail to take a whole person approach. Dieting often leads to a sense of deprivation and feelings of anxiety rather than to health and well being.

The Whole Body Solution
Harvey Slater is the Personal Nutrition Coach at the Vibrant Living Wellness Center. With delicious meal plans, recipes, and other tools Harvey empowers you to take your health back into your own hands.

Meal Planning and Nutrition Coaching
Harvey uses a whole body, integrative approach that helps people navigate their diet and nutrition needs, designing a healthy lifestyle that is delicious, practical and functional for everyday living. Harvey also provides on-going support, both in-office and out in the world, where he believes food choices matter the most.

Nutrition and Wellness
This weight loss management and nutrition program includes a comprehensive assessment, meal planning, grocery planning and easy to use tools like a clean eating plate quick reference guide which illustrates the foods and nutritional elements that combine to create an optimal meal. Harvey also provides Nutrition Coaching that is specifically tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle.

Harvey’s mission is to help others create sustainable, healthy lifestyles for themselves and their families. Why not make eating healthy fun, educational, and rewarding too?

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Weight Loss Management Special Pricing – $295

Weight Loss Management and Planning with Harvey Slater

Weight Loss Management and Planning Effectively Improves Your Overall Health!

Weight Loss Management

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