What We DO and What We DON’T Do

There are so many choices in today’s health care arena.  There is health care that some may call traditional health care and what others call alternative health care.  What we do at Vibrant Living Wellness Center may be labeled as some as alternative health care. But what is that really?  It may have a different meaning to others than it does to you.  I would like to be clear about what we do and do not do so that there is no confusion.

What we do…

  • We test your body to tell us what organs and systems need help.

  • We work with our clients on their food choices and nutritional supplements.

  • We encourage simple lifestyle habits to improve health for example:

    • We may recommend more sleep or more exercise.

    • We may suggest you drink more water.

    • It’s very simple and non-invasive.

  • We design a nutritional and lifestyle program that is specific to you with the goal of optimal health .

The results?

A body that is healed through eating real whole food and wholefood-based nutrition.   A body that is stronger and healthier than before.

What we don’t do…

  • We do not give people food recommendations or pills that damage the body.

  • We do not recommend drugs.

  • We do not teach meditation, relaxation methods or yogic breathing.

  • We do not counsel people on their job choices, spiritual life, relationships or religion.

Although all of these practices have their place in society, we are very focused here at the Vibrant Living Wellness Center.  We are focused on restoring health which as a side effect, relieves symptoms.  We help you do that by giving your body the nutritional support it needs to function at its best.


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