natural doctor

Your body is telling you something…

Symptoms of ‘dis-ease’, literally a lack of ease, are your body’s only way to tell you that there is something wrong; a disturbance or imbalance has occurred which needs to be rectified.

You see, the body’s systems and organs are all interrelated, so that if any one part of your body is suffering, then it will without doubt, have an effect to other organs and systems. Therefore, symptoms cannot be regarded as ‘independent’ and isolated illnesses, as Western medicine teaches….this is a main difference between naturopathy and Western medicine.

I am passionate about helping others regain or improve their health.  Everyone has the right to good health.  My practice focuses on treating the whole person and looking at each person as a unique individual.  Your body and your health are your responsibility and I’m committed to providing all the education that is necessary for you to stay disease free.  Listening to your body is an important part of healing as well as staying well.  Illness is our body’s way of telling us that something is out of balance.  In order to be healthy all of our body systems need to be functioning well.  We need to get proper nutrition, proper sleep, adequate sunshine and activity daily.  In today’s world our lives have become fast paced and the demands that society put on us is tremendous.  When our lives are out of balance our bodies feel stress.  Stress causes a host of ailments including muscle tension, poor digestion, and disease.  It is my goal to educate all of my clients so that they can live vibrantly though out the entire aging process so that life can be experienced fully!

Many people feel that they have inherited their lack of health but when I hear that, my reply is that genes load the gun but your lifestyle is what pulls the trigger.  No one has to be a victim of poor health.  Changes can be made to your nutrition and lifestyle that will improve your health and bring about vitality.

We use specific whole food supplements which allow your body to repair itself!